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Project Manager
Днепропетровск, 08:48, суббота, 15.09.2012

Зарплата: 400 $
Пол: мужчина
Возраст: 46 лет
Образование: высшее
Опыт работы: 5 лет
График работы: полный день

Grinev Dmitry Vladimir
Born Dec. 25, 1964 in Moscow.
Key skills:
Are high organizational and analytical capabilities:
it is ability quickly to set business relationships with people;
it is a communicability, punctuality, purposefulness, stress tolerance;
it is literate writing and verbal speech;

it is a top management;
it is a sure user of the personal COMPUTER : Windows, Word, Excel, effective internet-navigation;
it is knowledge of Terrasoft CRM;
it is ability to work with the large volumes of information, card indexes, archives, databases;

- Large experience in an analysis is initializing and realization of commercial (business) projects (25).
Websites -
* moikrug.ru
* Vkontakte
* Facebook
* Professionali
* Repetitors
* Freemail
* Moikrug
* Weblancer
* Xing
Education (master's degree), Ukraine, Russia
1980 - 1982 SH № 43 mathematical class / higher mathematics.
1982 - 1987 the Dnepropetrovsk state university,
Economic faculty, economic cybernetics.
1991 - 1991 МGU the name of M.V.Lomonosova - Moscow. Master's degree.
An union of Managers of the USSR is 3 months course of Higher Management.
Foreign languages and computer skills
Computer skills and knowledge:
1991 leading programmer of Union of Managers of the USSR.
Level of possession a computer:
Advanced user
Additional information
Recommendations and references:
Dmitry Gaiduhtenko - Project Manager AMK

Experience (5 more than)

From October, 2007 for a present tense
Director (Full employment)
"Grinev and to", Dnipropetrovs’k
Project Manager, Manager of projects, Business manager.
An analysis is Initializing and Realization of commercial (business) projects.
Setting the internet of connections with my partners on commercial
to activity for the last 20.
"Grinev and to", Dnipropetrovs’k of http://professionali.ru/~509278
* project with "FinMarkt AG", Germany. The internet is business.
2009 Agency of mass communications (АМК is Moscow) -
telemarketer. +
2010 private "TUTOR".
http://ua.repetitors.info/order.php?pfl=GrinevDV (passed the remote testing).
http://www.repetitor.ua/members/grindim 648207
http://www.openclass.ru/users/ 195823
2010, Germanium "FinMarkt AG", address: Rheinstr.22, 65185 Wiesbade is Manager of projects (remote work).
2011 «Private Bank» Agent - http://agent.privatbank.ua/profile/60102/
From August 1999 for April, 2004
Interpipe (Full employment), Dnipropetrovs’k
Name of organization:
Interpipe (tube-rolling plant of Charles Libnehta).
Work during a crisis for my Russian partners.
Position requirements and achievements:
Department of tax planning. Department of economic security. Specialist.
From January 1999 for April, 1999
Director on economic security (Full employment)
Name of organization:
Central department store Dnipropetrovs’k (trade) Dnipropetrovs’k
Development of strategy of economic security is temporal - by agreement.
Period of work:
From April 1994 for October, 1998
Business manager (Full employment)
Name of organization:
LTD. is a firm "Sinegri" (commerce), Dnipropetrovs’k
1995 a business manager LTD. is firms "Sinegri".
Wholesale deliveries of pipe rent.
Position requirements and achievements :
Organization of trade by a tube-rolling commodity are deliveries from the plants of Ukraine and Kazan (Russia) to Norilsk.
Negotiations on plants - producers. With GD - and auto by ferrymen. Delivery of commodity to Odessa and Murmansk.
Negotiations in ports are a dispatch of commodity.
Period of work:
From November 1990 for November, 1993
Business manager (Full employment)
Name of organization:
LTD. is a firm "Ruma", Dnipropetrovs’k
1992 a business manager LTD. is firms "Ruma".
Position requirements and achievements:
Organization of credit line for a firm and three daughter's firms.
Period of work:
From October 1990 for January, 1992
Leading programmer (Full employment)
Name of organization:
Union of Managers of the USSR (management), Dnipropetrovs’k
Position requirements and achievements:
1990 engineer researcher of Union of Managers of the USSR.
1991г. March-May - 3th course of Higher Management at
The Moscow State University of M.V.Lomonosova - Moscow. Master's degree.
1991 leading programmer of Union of Managers of the USSR.
Period of work:
From September 1987 for October, 1990
Programmer 3,2 categories (Full employment)
Name of organization:
DNIITM, (science and technologies), Dnipropetrovs’k
Position requirements and achievements:
Got a 1-th increase on 1 before --- participated in setting and to educating of work with first IBM – 285

Grinev Dmitry Vladimir
E-mail: grindim648207@yandex.ru
Web: grindim648207.narod2.ru/

Контактное лицо: Гринев Дмитрий Владимирович
Телефон: +30505935209
E-mail: grindim648207@yandex.ru

Раздел: Преподаватели, учителя, воспитатели | Программисты, IT/Веб-специалисты | Руководители, директора | №7756
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